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Recent Updates

New: The All-Meridian Foot Method

Innovations and refinements to the Bio-electrode Therapy treatment strategies and protocols are based on the latest research and clinical experience. 

The following treatment strategies involves placing the electrodes (gold and silver) closely together on the ends of the meridian/s of the feet. All 12 regular meridians can be treated on either one or both feet. When the electrodes are applied to the feet, they are able to remain secure for considerably longer than those on frequently washed hands. A stronger microcurrent and electrical field is created when the electrodes are placed closely together on a meridian.

The theoretical basis for these innovations in Bio-electrode Therapy

When the gold and silver electrodes are secured closely together on the acupuncture points, (1 to 2 inches apart) on the ends of affected meridian/s, the electrodes generate a beneficial microcurrent stimulus on our endogenous bioelectrical fields and all the cells, tissues, and organs along the meridians, and the opposite-side connecting-paired meridians. Simply identify the affected/blocked meridians and the connecting paired meridians on the opposite side hand. Secure the electrodes closely together on the affected meridian's Jing-Well  acupuncture point/s and the next proximal point/s  on the feet.


For example, when treating a frozen left shoulder, secure the gold and silver electrodes closely together on the connecting paired meridian’s acupuncture points, (BL, GB, ST and LV) on the opposite side right foot. When treating systemic conditions affecting the entire body, all of the 12 regular meridians can be treated by securing the electrodes on one foot. The treatment strategy for the All-Meridian Foot Method are summarized in the following table:

The Placement of Two Electrodes Closely Together on the Foot Meridians

The Opposite Side Connecting Paired Meridians

Treat ST 45 (Silver) & ST 44 (Gold)         Connecting paired meridian, LI 1 (Gold)


Treat SP 1 (Gold) & SP 2 (Silver)                Connecting paired meridian, HT 9 (Silver)


Treat UB 67 (Silver) & UB 66 (Gold)        Connecting paired meridian, SI 1 (Gold)


Treat KI 1 (Gold) & KI 2 (Silver)                   Connecting paired meridian, PC 9 (Silver)


Treat GB 44 (Silver) & GB 43 (Gold)       Connecting paired meridian, TW 1 (Gold)


Treat LV  1 (Gold) & LIV 2 (Silver)              Connecting paired meridian,  LU 11 (Silver) 

An alternative option for treating the 12 regular meridians would be to treat the Yang meridians (BL, GB, and ST) on one foot and the Yin meridians (SP, LV and KI) on the other foot. All 12 regular meridians are being treated.

Summary of the recent innovations

  1. When two electrodes are secured closely together on a meridian, a stronger microcurrent and electrical field is generated. 

  2. All identified Yin and Yang meridians and their connecting paired meridians can be treated.

  3. The unidirectional flow of Qi (microcurrent and electrical fields) is maintained.

  4. Systemic conditions such as opioid withdrawal, influenza, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and various cancer symptoms can be treated.

  5. Treatment outcomes tend to be rapid and comprehensive.

  6. By treating the feet, the electrodes remain secure for longer periods of time because they are not rubbed off or washed off by frequent hand washing, etc.

  7. The treatment is painless, non-invasive and non-toxic.

  8. No complex, expensive and cumbersome electrical devices are required.

  9. TCM practitioners have the basic training and understanding of meridian theory and therefore have the skills to administer this therapy. The application of simple electrodes can be administered by any healthcare practitioner when using the protocols presented in the clinical manual, and with training and supervision, even by the patients.

If this new treatment strategy results in only partial relief from pain and you are certain your placement of the electrodes is correct, simply secure appropriate electrodes to the connecting paired meridian Jing-Well points on the opposite side hand. This electrode stimulus will overcome remaining resistance and prevent any diversion to adjacent meridians/s. 

Advancements in our understanding of bioelectricity and treatment strategies using electrodes will continue to evolve as this therapy gains acceptance and popularity amongst healthcare practitioners.


Illustrations for the placement of the gold and silver electrodes on the meridian’ acupuncture points of the feet are provided below.

Illustrations for the Foot Protocols


ST 45 Silver,  44 Gold


GB 44 Silver, 44 Gold


LV1 Gold,   LV2 Silver


SP1 Gold,  SP2 Silver

BL 67 Silver,  65 Gold


KI 2 Silver


KI 1 Gold

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