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An Acupuncture Point Stimulus Method for Relieving Human Suffering

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Bio-electrode Therapy is a simple treatment method in which tiny electrodes (Sakamura Magrain Ion pellets or electrode inks) are secured to specific acupuncture points to act as a form of point stimulation. When the electrodes are placed on the acupuncture points according to protocol, they harness and direct the body’s endogenous electrical properties. This novel approach is currently being used successfully for treating opioid and other drug and alcohol withdrawal distress, as well as many kinds of complex pain, such as back pain/sciatica, headaches, neuropathic pain, arthritis, tooth pain, gynecological disorders, gastro-intestinal pain and disease, pain of injured tissue, and more.

Bio-electrode Therapy applies our most recent scientific understanding of bioelectricity to Chinese medicine's acupuncture meridian theory. When electrodes are secured to specific acupuncture points of our electrolyte bodies, an ionic charge is generated, resulting in a microcurrent in the acupuncture meridians. This current creates an electrical field which provides the appropriate healing stimulus to injured and diseased cells and tissues. 


The therapeutic application of metals such as gold and silver needles, has a long history dating back thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. This unique application of various metals in the form of electrodes is fundamental to the practice of Bio-electrode Therapy.


This link (and following excerpt) is from the International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, regarding the use of Jing-Well points.


(PDF) Efficacy of Stimulation at the Jing-Well Points of Meridians (

"Stimulation at the Jing-Well points of meridians can clear heat, allay excitement, prompt Qi, activate blood, and dredge the meridians. Acupuncture and exsanguinations at these points can clear stagnant Qi and blood within the meridians, adjust organs, promote harmony within organs, un-impede meridians, balance blood and Qi, and promote harmony of Yin and Yang, thus curing disease. According to the theories based on NeiJing Lingshu, the point where energy or Qi arises is a Jing-Well point. Among the Five-Shu points, the Jing-Well points control the fullness of the subcardiac region and disease in solid organs. These points are widely used for treating many symptoms or diseases related to the associated meridians."

“The unceasing circulation of Qi and Blood

in the Channels activates all life processes in man.”

~Huang Di Nei Jing-Su Wen

(Chinese classic text on medicine,

475 – 221BCE)

“The twelve meridians control human life, 
yet they are the place where disease can live. 
If disease starts in the meridians,
the physician can use the meridians. 
to treat the root cause of disease”. 
~Nei Jing (Classic Chinese text, 
475-221 BCE)


With Les Moncrieff’s book or the app (and some very affordable and widely available tools), health care practitioners and pain sufferers can learn to apply the electrodes for immediate and lasting relief of pain.   MEDICAL DISCLAIMER


I have had a few sessions with Les for various treatments. Addiction and chronic back pain. I have disc shrinkage and according to the x-rays, the damage is severe. I have pain rated 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most severe. After treatment I have no pain at all. It is instantaneous. Very difficult to believe but this is true. I am indebted to Les and his weekly treatment. (2–3 times a week). If I miss a treatment, I notice the pain more. Acupuncture and copper and aluminum is a “life saver.” Thank you.
C. B.


I had 2 sessions with Les about pain I had. Pain was from my jawbone. Pieces of bone protruding from my gums. Pain was a 10+ and after 2 sessions I literally have had NO PAIN for 2 weeks. I had the one piece of bone taken out by my dentist but still I have more bone protruding, and still NO PAIN! Amazing!!
L. C.


I am a 26 year old mother of two children. I came to this treatment program for heroin, methamphetamine, crack, coke and alcohol. (poly-substances). 2 weeks ago with the Covid-19 outbreak decided it wasn’t safe to use suboxone anymore, to come off all of the above. I had really bad symptoms, non-stop puking, lack of sleep, tired and achy bones. I attended Les’s group and I already feel amazing since he tattooed the pressure points. I am forever grateful. Thanks a million.
A. T.


I never thought of alternative medicine but thanks to Les I have had a positive experience. It’s helped tremendously with bowel function, blood pressure, stress, sleep, anxiety, boundaries, smoking and so much more. Being scared of needles, this experience has been very positive. Thanks so much.
J. T.


Les has made me believe in alternative medicine. I never thought that just a little bit of sessions that I have gotten, has helped me so much. The withdrawal symptoms have gone and any other pain that I have had has gone away, right away with his help. He is amazing at what he does and practices.

M. B.

Before treatment my ankle was in pain. As soon as Les put the aluminum round pieces on, I felt better. My ankle does not hurt anymore. I can walk without sharp pain. Thank you Les.

M. P.

I came in not feeling my feet and now I can feel them.
F. M.

Today I had a major headache which you helped me get rid of. I have also been 6 days without a cigarette. I think your therapy is amazing and I am grateful for your help.

J. P.

I came into Heartwood feeling really bad withdrawal from heroin/fentanyl. I went to my first acupuncture class where I met Les. I told him exactly how I was feeling. The achy muscles, cold and hot feeling and sneezing. He asked me how I was feeling on a 1 to 10 scale. I said 10. He then started to do the “acupuncture” by putting on my toes the electrodes of copper and silver. Which were for the stomach and liver, or pathways as he calls it. Then he put them on my fingers of the opposite hand. Almost right away I could feel the achiness and withdrawal symptoms fading. I felt calm and I felt that way as long as I kept them on my fingers and toes. I felt all the withdrawal symptoms fade away and I felt good the whole day and next day. I never tried acupuncture before and… I feel like I can actually face and deal physically with my addiction.

M. H.

Bio-electrode Therapy Apps


The apps provide fast, efficient access to the necessary treatment protocols for a wide variety of pain and disease conditions.


Les Moncrieff R. Ac.

Les is a Registered Acupuncturist and healthcare professional employed by the British Columbia Provincial Health Authority Addiction Services since 1984. His primary focus has been addiction treatment and pain management. He has spent several years living and studying in Asia. Les has found great success and satisfaction integrating a wide variety of complementary and alternative therapies as an adjunct to mainstream medicine practice. Empowering clients to heal themselves using the skills and understanding of energy medicine, consciousness, and the principles of quantum physics is fundamental to his therapy practice.

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